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The Kitten and the Angel

ISBN: 978-0-620-44548-1
Self-published August 2009.
Format: A5
Last revision: April 2012.
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Dear Reader,
If it is only fun you want to read about, then you should not read this story. It is based on the truth and deals with the misery and trauma of loosing a dear pet in a horrible, traumatic accident.
With all due respect,



To Elizabeth

One evening an angel and a kitten sat in a garden.
The angel looked sad.
“Why do you look so sad?” asked the kitten.
The angel gave a deep sigh. Then he said: “Dear
kitten, I know how dearly you love your human. I am
sad for both of you. Your human's time has come.
She must die tomorrow.”
“How do you know that?” asked the kitten.

“Because, dear kitten, I am her guardian angel.
Today I was called to another task. I must leave tomorrow.”

The kitten felt a deep sadness coming over her.
She loved her human very much. 
She did not want her human to die. 

“What will become of me?” asked the kitten.

“Your human's family will decide over you”, said the
angel. “Maybe they will keep you, maybe they will
give you to somebody else. Maybe they will take you
to the kitty doctor to be put down.”

“I don't want to be without my human,“ said the
kitten. “And I don't want to go to somebody else!"
The angel said nothing. He just looked more sad.


“What does 'put-down' mean?” asked the kitten.
“Put-down is when the kitty doctor puts you into a deep-deep sleep,  never to wake up again” said the angel.

“Does it hurt?” asked the kitten.

“No” said the angel. “When you are put down, a soft
wind starts to blow inside your ears. Then it grows
louder and louder until it makes your eyes start to
sleep. And then they sleep more, and more, and
then forever.“

“Then I rather want to be put down! I don't want be
without my human!” said the kitten.
They sat in silence for a while. 


 “Is there any way out?” asked the kitten. “Can I do
anything to save my human's life?”

“Yes”, answered the angel hesitantly. “There is. But it
will be painful for both you and her.”

“Tell me”, asked the kitten.

“If you are prepared to die in the place of your human, 
she will be saved. But she will live with sadness
and pain in her heart forever, because of your death.”

“So, it is either me or her?” asked the kitten.

“I am afraid, yes” said the angel.



The kitten made up her mind. “If its either me or my human,
then I want to die in her place. Can you help me?”

“I can,” said the angel, “but you must be sure that it is what you want to do. A death of sacrifice is a death remembered with pain by those left behind.”

That night it rained a lot. When the kitten's human
drove to work in her car the next morning, the road 
was wet and slippery. 

The time had come for the angel to leave. 

The car skid off the road, taking its own course
through slippery mud at high speed. The human
clung terrified onto the steering wheel, waiting for
the worse to come. She called out to her God for help.


Back home, the kitten sensed the fear of her human.
Take me, take me, instead!” meowed the kitten.
Let me die in her place, please! Please!

The kitten's plea was heard. The car miraculously came to a halt. The human was safe. The angel could stay one more day.

The human phoned her husband. He went with his truck and towed her car back onto the road. He got mud all over his clothes.

That evening the angel and the kitten sat in the garden.
“Your love for your human saved her life today. 
But I have to go tomorrow. You have to sacrifice your life the 
moment when I leave. You will know what to do 
when the time comes. I am so sorry, dear one.”

The next morning, the kitty's human went to work.
The husband loaded the washing machine. The kitten sat
sat nearby, watching. The husband saw the mud on his clothes. 
He decided to take the muddy clothes outside to
shake out the loose mud. A piece fell on the floor. 

The kitten nosed the piece of mud on the floor.
It was the same mud that nearly took her human's life.
She heard the angel's voice:
“You will know what to do when the time comes.”

"The time has come," the kitten thought. "I know what I must do.
The mud that was meant to take my human's life must now take mine."
The kitten climbed into the washing machine.


The husband came back and shoved the mud-stained
clothes into the washing machine.
He did not see the kitten inside the machine.
He switched on the machine and left.

When the dead body of the kitten was discovered
later, the humans were devastated, shocked and
sad. They blamed themselves. They cried cried and cried..
They could not be consoled.

Days came. Days went. The kitten's human-mom was in
a state of deep mourning. She missed her kitten.
She cringed at the thought of how her kitten died.


One morning, the sorrow-filled woman sat in her
garden. She watched a butterfly flutter from one
flower to another, but her heart was too heavy to
notice the beauty of it. Birds were singing, but her
sad ears did not hear their music.

In the pain-filled silence that surrounded the woman,
she mysteriously became aware that her kitten was
there: in the garden! She could feel her sweet, soft,
loving presence. Did she hear a soft purr? Yes!

Cry no more, she heard the kitten's sweet voice.
I will never leave you again. I will watch
over you for 
the rest of your life. When I drowned in the water with the mud that nearly killed you,
I became your new 
guardian angel.”

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