• Traditional Longhair and Related Cats
    Technical niche market and hobby book on the history, breed standards and genetics of the traditional longhair cats with specific reference to silver ("Chinchilla") and golden, black and blue tipped and shaded varieties. It will put other colour traditional longhairs in perspective.
    Covers period 1961 - 2012.
    Target audience includes cat breeders, cat judges, cat owners, cat historians and cat lovers in general.
    This book will also cover the relationship with Persian cats, Exotic Shorthair cats and Burmilla cats.
    It will be available in hard-cover with colour photos, as well as e-Book.

  • Die Musiek Piekniek (The Music Picnic)
    IN PROGRESS since 2009.
    Target date for completion: October 2012.
    Part of course that I am busy doing. 
     'n Kinderverhaal vir kinders 7-9 jaar. Dis in prenteboek styl.  
    Die Musiek Piekniek sal opgevolg word met:

  •  Op soek na Aito Camden (In search of Aito Camden)
    wat die storie voortsit waar die kinders in die Musiek Piekniek 13 jaar oud is.
    Dit sal in jeugverhaal styl sal wees. 

  • Vonkelwyn
    IN PROGRESS since 2006.
    Will follow "In search of Aito Camden"
     'n Epiese tragedie wat eindig in 'n sinnelose plaasmoord.
    Dit handel oor drie families en strek oor 'n periode van vyftig jaar (1953 - 2003).

  • Die Trein Trilogie (The Train Trilogy)
     IN PROGRESS since 2010.
    Will follow "In search of Aito Camden" 

    'n Wetenskap fiksie satire in drie dele wat handel oor die gedrag van passievolle mense wat vrywillig by organisasies soos klubs aansluit. Ek beplan om hierdie werk in beide Engels en Afrikaans uit te gee onder die titels:
    • Die Groot Trein Ongeluk (The Big Train Accident)
    • Die Reëls van die Trein (The Rules of the Train) en 
    • Een Trein, Een Konstert (One Train, One Concert).

  • Repository Organization: one thing, one place, once, first time
    ON HOLD (at least till after Train Trilogy).
    A selection of white papers available on request.

    Topics cover my research as methodologist in the IT industry.
    This work was suitable for my doctoral thesis, but I decided not to go that route.
    It is now a collection of "white papers" written over time to specific customers that needed specific information.