My great-grand father was a wine maker in the Malmesbury district, Western Cape. However, I grew up far from the winelands, in the dry, hot area of the Northwest Province. My parents were not wine drinkers.

My first ever taste of wine was when I visited my aunt Rietjie in Windhoek together with my gran, Ouma Annie, at the tender age of 16. Aunt Rietjie took us for dinner. Later that year I had my first taste of "communion wine" when I was accepted as full member in the Dutch Reformed Church.

My third glass of wine was with my then husband-to-be, Johan Delport. We went for a fancy dinner date in the Waterfalls Restaurant in Pretoria at the end of our first year of varisity in 1972. We had a small bottle of Lanzerac Rose between the two of us. 

It was only after I moved to Cape Town that the wine bug really bit me. I love visiting wine farms and wine tastings. I love the vineyards. I love the history of wine in South Africa. I grew so intrigued with wine that I did a certificate course in Small Scale Wine Making at the University of Stellenbosch. I started a course in Wine Tasting at the Cape Wine Academy, but I think I will give up my dream to become a Wine Master and making my own wine in favour of my other dreams. At least these courses helped my to appreciate wine to the best of my ability.