My IT career

I hold a bachelors degree from the University of Pretoria  with Mathematics and Chemistry as majors. I also obtained a post-graduate Diploma in Higher Education from the University of South Africa. Most of my working career was spent in the IT industry. I specialized as methodology consultant.

I started my career in the Geochronology Division of the National Physical Laboratory at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria. Here I extracted nano grams of lead and uranium to determine rock ages, using mass spectrometry. I used a CDC-174 Cyber and a huge computer program punched on cards to calculate rock ages.  My first achievement on computer was when I learned how to program in 1978. I developed a graphical application to use sets of calculated rock ages to plot out best-fit graphs.  

I became aware of methodologies when I joined the Centre for Computer Services at the CSIR. Using my skills to program graphical output, I developed a program that could use procedural information in text format as input to plot out a hierarchical diagram to visualize the process. Being late 70's, I believe this was one of the earliest attempts world-wide to produce a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool. 

Other areas of work included:
  • systems engineer on IBM MVS operating systems in the late 1980's, 
  • database administration (IBM IMS, DB2, Natural Adabas), 
  • system analysis and design (various methodologies and UML), 
  • web development (hosting my own web server for many years until I learned to like Google Sites), 
  • process modeling and business analysis (in this area of work ARIS is my preferred tool) and
  • methodology integration with repository organization as my area of expertise. 
 I freelance since 2006.