My love for Tai Chi

I started Tai Chi in 2003 with Chris Hanche at Planet Fitness, Aurora. At that stage I was a real "crock", after some heart trouble. I weighed about 20 kilo's more than I wanted too. When the Planet Fitness guys "checked me in" I was not allowed to do things like stepping-walkers, etc. All I was allowed to consider were swimming, aqua aerobics, Pilatus and Tai Chi. I settled for Tai Chi. 

Two years later I was back to excellent health and a stream-lined body at ideal weight. I felt so good! 
I attended a broadsword workshop with Sifu Dereck in 2006 in Cape Town. 
On the photo above, we are: back: Richard, Alida (me), my son Piet and Hester. 
Front: a fellow workshopper, Sifu Dereck and Sifu Chris Hanche.

I am third from the left. My son Piet is standing in my left.

After breaking my foot in 2008 with some bad side effects, I had to give up Tai Chi for a few years. 

I started again in August 2011 at the Cape Town Tai Chi Club in Parow. Due to the screws in my right foot and calcification in my left foot, I could not even stand on my toes, nor consider doing kicks. Initially I only did the warm-ups and Qigong part of the class.  But, amazingly, the benefits of Tai Chi were improving my problems and a few months later I could stand on my toes again and do kicks! I soon got back on track and did forms again!

Sadly, the heart trouble resumed. I ended up with a TIA stroke on Jan 23, 2013. Whilst lying in hospital, paralyzed in my right arm and not able to speak, I grabbed by right hand with my left hand and did some qigong breathing, moving my arms up and down. After a while I felt tired and dozed off. When I awoke, the lameness in my arm was less. I could still not talk. My son said to me: "Take it slow." I did: started to speak s-l-o-w. That helped me to regain my most speak over a remarkable short period.

Here is an article that I wrote and that was published in the Tygerburger: 

By Alida Delport
2014-05-22 22:55

While The Cape Town Tai Chi Club had to say goodbye to its founder, Sunny Hung and his wife, Clarice, who returned to China at the end of March, they’re still going strong.

Sunny was an excellent teacher who focused on health Tai Chi and Qigong making sure that the club would be carrying on by empowering members with the necessary skills, dedication and knowledge to continue.

The club is a non-profit community project with a small membership fee of R20 per month to pay for the rental of the hall under the rugby stadium at the Parow Sports Club.

Those who are interested can join them when they meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30.

Exercises take place in four periods with the first half hour used to warm up, the next half hour is used to do Qigong (breathing exercises), the third half hour is used for basic Tai Chi forms and the last half hour is used for advanced Tai Chi forms including weapons like fan and sword. Not all people do section four.

All members agree that the health benefits are tremendous not only does it help to strengthen the body, but also improves balance and strengthens the mind. No fee is charged for the first month for people who want to try it out.

For further information contact Suzie Calitz on 021 976 1739 or 083 479 9922.

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