My cats

I am owned by a number of cats. I am their human slave. They have their own website at

I breed with them, participate in cat shows and do quite a lot of TV commercials and photo shoots with them. Below are some that participated in a casting for a TV commercial. 

Below are some of the videos that my cats did.

This one was made in Milan, 2008. Title: "Stepping Stones".
The main star on the staircase is Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse Angelo.
Other cats participating are Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse Bobby and
Cherie-Finesse Shalimar.

This one, 2009, features Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse Bobby and
Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse Angelo. 
It was produced in Blouberg, SA.

This one was produced in Kennilworth, SA in 2006.  
Our stud, Cherie-Finesse Dear Nikki features on the bed, 
whilst Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse Engeltjie did a fantastic tail walk. 
Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse  Angelo did most of the eating at the end.
Supreme Premier Finesse Thomas O'Malley also participated.

This one, 2003, was made in Milan. Champion Cherie-Finesse Ms Daisie
and Supreme Champion Finesse Dear Crystal feature here.